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Christopher Goulet

Christopher Goulet

My Personal Website to show obnoxiously large pictures and what I'm working on.


I'm Chris

A Computer Science Student at Western Kentucky University , with interests in cloud computing,robotics, internet of things.

What am I working on?


M.A.R.V.I.N. is a Multi-rotor Aerial Robotic Vehicle for Indoor Navigation. It's goal is to use a multi-tiered architecture to autonomously navigate an indoor environment with no external computing. What powers M.A.R.V.I.N. is a basic hobbyist flight-controller, an Arduino Mega, and a Raspberry Pi. The flight controller is responsible for flight stabilization and output to the motor’s speed controllers. The Arduino’s responsible for outputting flight instructions to the flight controller, collecting sensor data, and reactive decision making. The goal of the Raspberry Pi is to eventually run simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms with the sensor data collected from the Arduino. Currently the Raspberry Pi hosts a webserver where diagnostics information of M.A.R.V.I.N. can be viewed from any web browser from which a live video feed can be viewed.

Cloud For Education

I am working on an Infrastructure as a Service Cloud for Education to provide web accessible virtualized environments that are for tailored computer science students. The goal of the project is to allow each user to have a whole virtualized computer at their disposal for course work and educational use. As a project for a software engineering class a group of students and myself have created the first version of the service powered by a PHP backend and a Python middleware. This version of the service used NOVNC to allow users to interface with Linux Virtual Machines hosted on KVM hypervisor. I am currently starting working second version of the software with an emphasis on multi-threading the middleware and creating more tools for administrators in the web interface.

Smaller Coding Projects

For my smaller coding projects you can visit my GitHub account. Most of the stuff on my github are personal projects or class projects.


Work and Stuff

Cyber Security Analyst

Former independent contractor for local cyber security company. Duties included performing penetration testing on internal LANs, testing wireless security, and trying to break Web Applications.

Software Development Intern for the EMCC

I have student job at the WKU’s Engineering-Manufacturing-Commercialization Center where I am responsible for variety of task. Throughout my employment I have worked on multitude of projects for clients and support our internal resources. Although I can’t go into specifics (Non-Disclosure Agreement) I can list the type of work I have done. The following list is stuff I have worked on in my position.

  • Create Apps (Android)
  • Created Websites and Web Applications
  • Database Management
  • Server Management
  • Embedded System Programing (Mostly Arduino Based)
  • Creating Custom Tools for clients
  • Circuit Board Design (Eagle)
  • General IT Stuff for other employees
  • Cyber Security Research
  • More

President of ACM at WKU

People voted. I was elected. I organize events for the ACM and make sure everyone abides by the ACM code of conduct.